Cluster picking


Before you can begin cluster picking, you need to set up a cluster profile that specifies whether to automatically generate a cluster ID and number of positions to use. Additionally, you need to specify when to break clusters and how to sequence and verify the picking work.

Cluster profiles enable users to start a cluster and assign work to the positions and formally commence the pick of the cluster. You need to create both the cluster and a pick cluster profile. To enable cluster picking, you must have other components associated with it, such as a work template and location directive. Also, you need to set up items on your mobile device menus and configure the Warehouse management parameters page.

After work orders are released to the warehouse, the worker can use a mobile device to assign the orders to a cluster.

The cluster will organize the picking work for the worker. When a work order is assigned to a cluster, the worker must use cluster picking to perform the picking work for the order. The worker cannot use other picking methods. If a work order is assigned to a cluster by mistake, the worker must break the cluster and then re-create it.

If needed, a worker can pass a cluster to another worker. This changes the cluster status to Passed. When the worker uses a mobile device to indicate that the picking and put away work is completed, the shipment or load must be confirmed in Supply Chain Management.

When you have completed the setup for cluster picking, you can start to use the mobile device to process a sales order by using the cluster picking method.

After you have released the work to the warehouse, you can begin creating clusters and assigning work to those clusters. On the mobile device, you can see the cluster picking item that was created with the Cluster ID. Scan the Work ID and select OK, and then you will be prompted for the next steps. Repeat this process until the cart is full.

If the cluster is created manually from the Create cluster menu item, you must manually enter the cluster ID and then assign work to each position and repeat the process until the cart is full.

After the work is assigned to the cluster, you can begin picking by using the standard picking process in the mobile device.