Type.GetTypeArray(Object[]) Type.GetTypeArray(Object[]) Type.GetTypeArray(Object[]) Type.GetTypeArray(Object[]) Method


Ruft die Typen der Objekte im angegebenen Array ab.Gets the types of the objects in the specified array.

 static cli::array <Type ^> ^ GetTypeArray(cli::array <System::Object ^> ^ args);
public static Type[] GetTypeArray (object[] args);
static member GetTypeArray : obj[] -> Type[]
Public Shared Function GetTypeArray (args As Object()) As Type()



Ein Array von Objekten, deren Typen bestimmt werden sollen.An array of objects whose types to determine.

Gibt zurück


Ein Array von Type-Objekten, die die Typen der entsprechenden Elemente in args darstellen.An array of Type objects representing the types of the corresponding elements in args.


args ist null.args is null.

- oder --or- Mindestens eines der Elemente in args ist null.One or more of the elements in args is null.

Die Klasseninitialisierer werden aufgerufen, und mindestens einer löst eine Ausnahme aus.The class initializers are invoked and at least one throws an exception.


Im folgenden Codebeispiel wird veranschaulicht, wie die GetTypeArray -Methode verwendet wird, um die Typen der Elemente eines Arrays aufzulisten.The following code example demonstrates how to use the GetTypeArray method to list the types of the elements of an array.

array<Object^>^myObject = gcnew array<Object^>(3);
myObject[ 0 ] = 66;
myObject[ 1 ] = "puri";
myObject[ 2 ] = 33.33;

// Get the array of 'Type' class objects.
array<Type^>^myTypeArray = Type::GetTypeArray( myObject );
Console::WriteLine( "Full names of the 'Type' objects in the array are:" );
for ( int h = 0; h < myTypeArray->Length; h++ )
   Console::WriteLine( myTypeArray[ h ]->FullName );

Object[] myObject = new Object[3];
myObject[0] = 66;
myObject[1] = "puri";
myObject[2] = 33.33;
// Get the array of 'Type' class objects.
Type[] myTypeArray = Type.GetTypeArray(myObject);
Console.WriteLine("Full names of the 'Type' objects in the array are:");
for(int h = 0; h < myTypeArray.Length ; h++)
Dim myObject(2) As Object
myObject(0) = 66
myObject(1) = "puri"
myObject(2) = 33.33
' Get the array of 'Type' class objects.
Dim myTypeArray As Type() = Type.GetTypeArray(myObject)
Console.WriteLine("Full names of the 'Type' objects in the array are:")
Dim h As Integer
For h = 0 To myTypeArray.Length - 1
Next h

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