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Effective August 26, 2020, the Online Management API is deprecated.

This topic provides basic information to help you get started with the Online Admin API for Microsoft Dataverse.

Microsoft 365 Admin roles

To use the Online Management API, you must have one of the following admin roles assigned to you in your Microsoft 365 tenant:

  • Global administrator
  • Service administrator

For information about these roles, see About admin roles

Service URL

The service URL defines the endpoint address for accessing REST API. To perform any operation using the Online Management API, you need to specify the request URL in the following format:


For example, you can pass in the following URL with a GET request to retrieve the instances in your Microsoft 365 tenant in North America:

For a list service URLs, see Service URL.

Standard headers

The Online Management API has following standard request and response headers.

Request headers

Header Type Description
Accept-Language String Specifies the preferred language for the response. More information about the header: Accept-Language (MDN web docs)
Authorization String Specifies the credentials to authenticate a user with the Online Management API service. More information about the header: Authorization (MDN web docs)

See Authenticate to use the Online Management API to know about setting these headers in your request.

Response headers

Header Description
Operation-Location For long-running operations, specifies the location of the operation query to check its status. For example:{operationid}
Retry-After For long-running operations, specifies the recommended period in seconds after which to query the operation status again. For example: 30

Authenticate to use Online Management API

Operations supported by Online Management API

Online Management API Reference


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