Windows Server release information

Windows Server is moving to the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) as our primary release channel. Current Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) releases will continue through their mainstream support end dates, which are May 10, 2022 for Windows Server, version 20H2 and December 14, 2021 for Windows Server, version 2004.

The focus on container and microservice innovation previously released in the Semi-Annual Channel will now continue with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), AKS on Azure Stack HCI, and other platform improvements made in collaboration with the Kubernetes community. And with the Long-Term Servicing Channel, a major new version of Windows Server will be released every 2-3 years, so you can expect both container host and container images to align with that cadence.

Windows Server current versions by servicing option

Windows Server release Version Build number Availability Mainstream support end date Extended support end date
Windows Server 2022 (Long-Term Servicing Channel) (Datacenter, Standard) 21H2 20348.169.210806-2348 08/18/2021 10/13/2026 10/14/2031
Windows Server, version 20H2 (Semi-Annual Channel) (Datacenter Core, Standard Core) 20H2 19042.508.200927-1902 10/20/2020 05/10/2022 Not applicable
Windows Server, version 2004 (Semi-Annual Channel) (Datacenter Core, Standard Core) 2004 19041.264.200508-2205 05/27/2020 12/14/2021 Not applicable
Windows Server, version 1909 (Semi-Annual Channel) (Datacenter Core, Standard Core) 1909 18363.418.191007-0143 11/12/2019 05/11/2021 Not applicable
Windows Server 2019 (Long-Term Servicing Channel) (Datacenter, Essentials, Standard) 1809 17763.107.1010129-1455 11/13/2018 01/09/2024 01/09/2029
Windows Server 2016 (Long-Term Servicing Channel) (Datacenter, Essentials, Standard) 1607 14393.0 10/15/2016 01/11/2022 01/11/2027


Windows Server, version 1803 and later are governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy. See the Windows Lifecycle FAQ and Comparison of servicing channels for details regarding servicing requirements and other important information.