_Workbook.HighlightChangesOptions(Object, Object, Object) _Workbook.HighlightChangesOptions(Object, Object, Object) Method


Controls how changes are shown in a shared workbook.

public void HighlightChangesOptions (object When, object Who, object Where);
Public Sub HighlightChangesOptions (Optional When As Object, Optional Who As Object, Optional Where As Object)


Object Object

Optional Object. The changes that are shown. Can be one of the following XlHighlightChangesTime constants: xlSinceMyLastSave, xlAllChanges, or xlNotYetReviewed.

Object Object

Optional Object. The user or users whose changes are shown. Can be "Everyone", "Everyone but Me", or the name of one of the users of the shared workbook.

Object Object

Optional Object. An A1-style range reference that specifies the area to check for changes.

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