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Represents a filter for a single column. The Filter object is a member of the Filters collection. The Filters collection contains all the filters in an autofiltered range.

public interface class Filter
public interface Filter
Public Interface Filter


Use Filters(index), where index is the filter title or index number, to return a single Filter object.

Note that all the properties of the Filter object are read-only. To set these properties, apply autofiltering manually or using the AutoFilter(Object, Object, XlAutoFilterOperator, Object, Object) method of the Range object.


_Operator _Operator _Operator
Application Application Application

Returns an Application object that represents the Microsoft Excel application.

Count Count Count

Returns the number of objects in the collection. Read-only Integer.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which this object was created. If the object was created in Microsoft Excel, this property returns the string XCEL, which is equivalent to the hexadecimal number 5843454C.

Criteria1 Criteria1 Criteria1

Returns the first filtered value for the specified column in a filtered range.

Criteria2 Criteria2 Criteria2

Returns the second filtered value for the specified column in a filtered range.

On On On

True if the specified filter is on.

Operator Operator Operator

Returns the operator that associates the two criteria applied by the specified filter.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent object for the specified object.

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