PivotFilter.WholeDayFilter PivotFilter.WholeDayFilter PivotFilter.WholeDayFilter Property


Sets or gets the filtering semantics for date filters. Boolean (bool in C#). Read/Write

 property bool WholeDayFilter { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool WholeDayFilter { get; set; }
Public Property WholeDayFilter As Boolean
Property Value


The following describes the results for previous and current property settings:

  • False (Office 2010 behavior): Any time can be specified; dates are precise points in time (midnight of the specified date). Filtering date ranges start or end at midnight.
  • True (Office 2013 behavior): This behavior is enforced for Timeline controls. Only whole dates are specified; dates include all times-of-day until and not including the next day at midnight.

For a Timeline, always returns True; returns a run-time error when setting to this to False.

For a non-date filter, any access returns a run-time error.

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