XlXmlImportResult XlXmlImportResult XlXmlImportResult Enum


Specifies the results of the refresh or import operation.

public enum class XlXmlImportResult
public enum XlXmlImportResult
Public Enum XlXmlImportResult


xlXmlImportElementsTruncated xlXmlImportElementsTruncated xlXmlImportElementsTruncated 1

The contents of the specified XML data file have been truncated because the XML data file is too large for the worksheet.

xlXmlImportSuccess xlXmlImportSuccess xlXmlImportSuccess 0

The XML data file was successfully imported.

xlXmlImportValidationFailed xlXmlImportValidationFailed xlXmlImportValidationFailed 2

The contents of the XML data file do not match the specified schema map.

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