Error (Method not found or Can't generate Export-Module) in Exchange Management Shell and remote PowerShell

Original KB number:   4037313


You may meet the following issues when you use Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Online after the July 2017 security update KB4025333 for Windows Server is installed.

Issue 1

When you open the Exchange Management Shell, you receive the following message in the Exchange Management Shell:

WARNING: Can't generate Export-Module for the current session using Import-PSSession.

Issue 2

When you try to use Windows PowerShell to connect to a remote Exchange Server 2016 or Exchange Online, you receive the following error message in Windows PowerShell:

Import-PSSession: Method not found: 'System.String System.Management.Auomation.CommandMetadata.EscapeBlockComment(System.String)'


These issues occur because KB 3000850 isn't applied. The July 2017 security update has a dependency on KB 3000850.


To work around this issue, install KB 3000850 to resolve the missing dependency.