How to Synchronize with the Software Update Point

You synchronize the software update point, in Configuration Manager SP1, by calling the SyncNow method.

To synchronize the software update point

  1. Set up a connection to the SMS Provider.

  2. Create an instance of the SMS_SoftwareUpdate Server WMI Class class.

  3. Create and populate the method parameter value fullSync.

  4. Call the SyncNow Method in Class SMS_SoftwareUpdate method, passing in the method parameter value.


The following example method shows how to synchronize the software update point by calling the SyncNow Method in Class SMS_SoftwareUpdate method.

For information about calling the sample code, see Calling Configuration Manager Code Snippets.

public void SynchronizeSoftwareUpdatePoint(WqlConnectionManager connection)   

        // Create the new SMS_SoftwareUpdate object.   
        IResultObject newSoftwareUpdate = connection.CreateInstance("SMS_SoftwareUpdate");  

        // Create dictionary object to pass parameters to the SyncNow method.   
        Dictionary<string, object> inParams = new Dictionary<string, object>();  
        inParams["fullSync"] = true;   

        // Initialize the outParams object.   
        IResultObject outParams = null;   
        // Call SyncNow method to initiate synchronization.   
        outParams = connection.ExecuteMethod("SMS_SoftwareUpdate", "SyncNow", inParams);   

    catch (SmsException ex)   
        Console.WriteLine("Failed. Error: " + ex.InnerException.Message);   

The example method has the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
connection - Managed: WqlConnectionManager A valid connection to the SMS Provider.

Compiling the Code

The C# example has the following compilation requirements:










Robust Programming

For more information about error handling, see About Configuration Manager Errors.

.NET Framework Security

For more information about securing Configuration Manager applications, see Configuration Manager role-based administration.

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