Meeting policy settings for recording & transcription

This article describes the meeting policy settings specific to recording and transcription including the following:

Allow transcription

This is a combination of a per-organizer and per-user policy. This setting controls whether captions and transcription features are available during playback of meeting recordings. The person who started the recording needs this setting turned on for these features to work with their recording.

Turning this setting on creates a copy of the transcript that is stored with the meeting recording which enables Search, CC, and transcripts on the meeting recording.

Transcription for recorded meetings is currently only supported for users who set their language to or speak English in Teams meetings.

Allow cloud recording

This setting is a combination of a per-organizer and per-user policy and controls whether the meetings can be recorded. The recording can be started by the meeting organizer or by another meeting participant if the policy setting is turned on for the participant and if they're an authenticated user from the same organization.

People outside your organization, such as federated and anonymous users, can't start the recording. Guest users can't start or stop the recording.

Screenshot showing recording options

Let's look at the following example.

User Meeting policy Allow cloud recording
Daniela Global Off
Amanda Location1MeetingPolicy On
John (external user) Not applicable Not applicable
  • Meetings organized by Daniela can't be recorded.
  • Amanda can't record meetings organized by Daniela.
  • Meetings organized by Amanda can be recorded.
  • Daniela can't record meetings organized by Amanda.
  • John can't record meetings organized by Amanda.

To learn more about cloud meeting recording, see Teams cloud meeting recording.

Store recordings outside of your country or region

This policy controls whether meeting records can be permanently stored in another country or region. If it's enabled, the recordings can't be migrated. For more information on cloud meetings and where recordings are stored, see Teams cloud meeting recording.