DisablePST and PSTDisableGrow policies ignored when the DisableCrossAccountCopy policy is also used

Original KB number:   2822194


When you deploy either of the following policy settings for Outlook, they appear to be ignored by Outlook.

  • Prevent users from adding PSTs to Outlook profiles and/or prevent using Sharing-Exclusive PSTs (registry value: DisablePST)
  • Prevent users from adding new content to existing PST files (registry value: PSTDisableGrow)


This behavior occurs if you also have the following policy setting enabled in Outlook.

  • Prevent copying or moving items between accounts (registry value: DisableCrossAccountCopy)

When you use the DisableCrossAccountCopy policy in Outlook, the DisablePST and PSTDisableGrow policies are ignored by Outlook. This is intentional because the DisableCrossAccountCopy policy, if enabled, prevents users from adding data to pst files from either an Exchange mailbox or another .pst file.

More information

For more information on the policy, see Plan for compliance and archiving in Outlook 2010.


There is current a known issue with the Outlook 2010 Administrative Template (ADML/ADMX) setting this value to REG_EXPAND_SZ instead of REG_MULTI_SZ. For more information about this issue, see Outlook policy template deploys DisableCrossAccountCopy as REG_EXPAND_SZ instead of REG_MULTI_SZ.