Configure and use public environments in Azure DevTest Labs

Azure DevTest Labs has a public repository of Azure Resource Manager templates that you can use to create environments without having to connect to an external GitHub source by yourself. This repository includes frequently used templates such as Azure Web Apps, Service Fabric Cluster, and development SharePoint Farm environment. This feature is similar to the public repository of artifacts that is included for every lab that you create. The environment repository allows you to quickly get started with pre-authored environment templates with minimum input parameters to provide you with a smooth getting started experience for PaaS resources within labs.

Configuring public environments

As a lab owner, you can enable the public environment repository for your lab during the lab creation. To enable public environments for your lab, select On for the Public environments field while creating a lab.

Enable public environment for a new lab

For existing labs, the public environment repository is not enabled. Manually enable it to use templates in the repository. For labs created using Resource Manager templates, the repository is disabled by default as well.

You can enable/disable public environments for your lab, and also make only specific environments available to lab users by using the following steps:

  1. Select Configuration and policies for your lab.
  2. In the VIRTUAL MACHINE BASES section, select Public environments.
  3. To enable public environments for the lab, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.
  4. If you enabled public environments, all the environments in the repository are enabled by defaults. You can de-select an environment to make it not available to your lab users.

Public environments page

Use environment templates as a lab user

As a lab user, you can create a new environment from the enabled list of environment templates by simply selecting +Add from the tool bar in the lab page. The list of bases includes the public environments templates enabled by your lab admin at the top of the list.

Public environment templates

Next steps

This repository is an open-source repository that you can contribute to add frequently used and helpful Resource Manager templates of your own. To contribute, simply submit a pull request against the repository.