ISupportInitializeNotification ISupportInitializeNotification ISupportInitializeNotification ISupportInitializeNotification Interface


Allows coordination of initialization for a component and its dependent properties.

public interface class ISupportInitializeNotification : System::ComponentModel::ISupportInitialize
public interface ISupportInitializeNotification : System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize
type ISupportInitializeNotification = interface
    interface ISupportInitialize
Public Interface ISupportInitializeNotification
Implements ISupportInitialize


You should implement this interface when your component has initialization dependencies on other components that also implement the ISupportInitializeNotification interface. You can check to see if the dependent components have completed initialization by checking the IsInitialized property.

ISupportInitializeNotification is implemented by the BindingSource and ListControl types.


IsInitialized IsInitialized IsInitialized IsInitialized

Gets a value indicating whether the component is initialized.


Initialized Initialized Initialized Initialized

Occurs when initialization of the component is completed.


BeginInit() BeginInit() BeginInit() BeginInit()

Signals the object that initialization is starting.

(Inherited from ISupportInitialize)
EndInit() EndInit() EndInit() EndInit()

Signals the object that initialization is complete.

(Inherited from ISupportInitialize)

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