OracleBFile.DirectoryName Property


Gets the name of the DIRECTORY object, with which an OracleBFile object is associated.

 property System::String ^ DirectoryName { System::String ^ get(); };
public string DirectoryName { get; }
member this.DirectoryName : string
Public ReadOnly Property DirectoryName As String

Property Value


The name of the DIRECTORY object.


Attempted to call DirectoryName on a closed or disposed OracleBFile object.


Each non-NULL OracleBFile object is associated with two entities that define the location of underlying physical file:

  • An Oracle DIRECTORY object, which is a database alias for a directory in the file system, and

  • The file name of the underlying physical file, which is located in the directory associated with the DIRECTORY object.

The DirectoryName property returns the name of the DIRECTORY object from the Oracle database.

For more information about creating and using an Oracle BFILE, see the appropriate topic in your Oracle documentation.

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