InterfaceMapping InterfaceMapping InterfaceMapping InterfaceMapping Struct


Retrieves the mapping of an interface into the actual methods on a class that implements that interface.

public value class InterfaceMapping
public struct InterfaceMapping
type InterfaceMapping = struct
Public Structure InterfaceMapping


Use the InterfaceMapping structure when a type implements interface methods that use method names other than those specified by the interface, or when a type implements multiple interfaces which have a method with the same name.

To obtain an InterfaceMapping structure, use the Type.GetInterfaceMap method.


InterfaceMethods InterfaceMethods InterfaceMethods InterfaceMethods

Shows the methods that are defined on the interface.

InterfaceType InterfaceType InterfaceType InterfaceType

Shows the type that represents the interface.

TargetMethods TargetMethods TargetMethods TargetMethods

Shows the methods that implement the interface.

TargetType TargetType TargetType TargetType

Represents the type that was used to create the interface mapping.

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