IReflect Interface


Interoperates with the IDispatch interface.

public interface class IReflect
public interface IReflect
type IReflect = interface
Public Interface IReflect


The IReflect interface is used to interoperate with the IDispatch interface. IReflect defines a subset of the Type reflection methods. Implementing this interface enables a type to customize its behavior when the object is being accessed from COM as an IDispatch object. The ExpandoToDispatchExMarshaler class can be used to marshal an object that implements IReflect or IExpando as a COM IDispatch object, and vice versa.



Gets the underlying type that represents the IReflect object.


GetField(String, BindingFlags)

Returns the FieldInfo object that corresponds to the specified field and binding flag.


Returns an array of FieldInfo objects that correspond to all fields of the current class.

GetMember(String, BindingFlags)

Retrieves an array of MemberInfo objects corresponding to all public members or to all members that match a specified name.


Retrieves an array of MemberInfo objects that correspond either to all public members or to all members of the current class.

GetMethod(String, BindingFlags)

Retrieves a MethodInfo object that corresponds to a specified method under specified search constraints.

GetMethod(String, BindingFlags, Binder, Type[], ParameterModifier[])

Retrieves a MethodInfo object corresponding to a specified method, using a Type array to choose from among overloaded methods.


Retrieves an array of MethodInfo objects with all public methods or all methods of the current class.


Retrieves an array of PropertyInfo objects corresponding to all public properties or to all properties of the current class.

GetProperty(String, BindingFlags)

Retrieves a PropertyInfo object corresponding to a specified property under specified search constraints.

GetProperty(String, BindingFlags, Binder, Type, Type[], ParameterModifier[])

Retrieves a PropertyInfo object that corresponds to a specified property with specified search constraints.

InvokeMember(String, BindingFlags, Binder, Object, Object[], ParameterModifier[], CultureInfo, String[])

Invokes a specified member.

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