Accountant Experiences in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Any business must do its books and sign off on the accounting. Some businesses employ an external accountant, and others have an accountant on staff. No matter which type of accountant you are, you can use the Accountant Role Center as your Home in Business Central. From here, you can access all windows that you need in your work.

Accountant Role Centre

The Role Centre is a dashboard with activity tiles that show you real-time key figures and give you quick access to data. In the ribbon at the top of the window, you have access to more actions, such as opening the most commonly used financial reports and statements in Excel. In the navigation bar at the top, you can quickly switch between the lists you use most often. Here, you will see other areas, such as Posted Documents with the various types of documents that the company has posted.

If you are new to Business Central, you can launch a list of videos right from your Role Centre. You can also launch a Getting Started tour that points out key areas.

Accountant Hub

If you are an accountant with several clients, you can use Dynamics 365 — Accountant Hub for a better overview of your clients. From there, you can access each client's tenant in Business Central and use the Accountant Role Center as described above. For more information see Welcome to Dynamics 365 — Accountant Hub.

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