Preparing to Set Up Contacts

When creating contacts, you can enter specific information, such as the industry that the contact companies belong to and your business relationship with the contacts.

Before you create contacts and record details about your business relationships, you must set up the different codes that you will use to assign this information to your contact companies and people. Codes can be set up for mailing groups, industry groups, business relationships, Web sources, organisational levels and job responsibilities.

By having this information set up, creating contacts is much more organised and being able to find all contacts based on a certain group will be more efficient. Every group at your company will be able to find the is information making communication with the contacts more successful.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Set up the business relationship that you have with your contacts, for example, prospect, bank, consultant, and service supplier. Setting Up Business Relations on Contacts Companies
Set up the industry to which your contacts belong, for example, the retail industry and the automobile industry. Set Up Industry Groups on Contact Companies
Set up the mailing groups that you can use to identify groups of contacts that you want to receive the same information. Set Up Mailing Groups on Contact Companies
Set up the job responsibilities of your contact persons. Set Up Job Responsibilities on Contacts
Set up the organisational levels that you want to use about your contact persons. Set Up Organizational Levels on Contacts
Set up web sources (search engines and web sites) that you can use when you look up information about your contacts on the Internet. Set Up Web Sources on Contacts

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