Creating Contact Companies

Your company regularly meets prospective companies that usually develop into future business relationships. When a new contact is made, this information needs to be recorded so that communication can continue.

By assigning as much data as possible about a specific company ensures efficient communication. For example, assigning the relevant industry group, ensures that specific companies are included in any relevant communication.

You can also define the business relationship that you have with a contact. For example, a contact could be a prospect, bank, or contractor.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Set up a contact for a new company, either from scratch or from a customer, vendor, or bank account. Create Contact Companies
Synchronise information in contacts with common information in customers, vendors, and bank accounts Synchronizing Contacts With Customers, Vendors, and Bank Accounts
Describe the business relationship of a company contact. Setting Up Business Relations on Contacts Companies
Place a contact company in the appropriate industry group, for example, retail. Set Up Industry Groups on Contact Companies
Set up the mailing groups that you can use to identify groups of contacts that you want to receive the same information. Set Up Mailing Groups on Contact Companies
Set up an alternate address for a contact. Assign Alternative Addresses to a Contact
Assign Web sources (search engines and Web sites) to your contacts to indicate where on the Internet you intend to search for information about the contacts. Set Up Web Sources on Contacts

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