Create an Azure CSP customer

Before you can access a customer's support or billing information or place orders for a customer, you must create the customer in the system. When you create a customer, you also create:

  • An Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant object for the customer.
  • A relationship between the reseller and customer, which is used for delegated administrator privileges.
  • A username and password for signing in as an administrator for the customer.

Web UI

  1. On the Microsoft Partner Center dashboard, in the left pane, select Customers, and then select Add customer.

    The "Add customer" button

  2. On the Account info form, enter the customer's account information.

    The "Account info" form


    You can choose Country/region only among the list of countries/regions that are available for the market where you've enrolled as a CSP Partner. If you are authorized in a single country or region (for example, US, Canada, or Brazil), you can't change the country or region during new customer creation process. For more information, see CSP regional authorization.

  3. Select Next: Subscriptions.

  4. Select the check boxes next to Microsoft Azure and any other offers you want, and then select the number of licenses for each offer, where applicable.


    There are separate tabs for enterprise, small business, and government offers. Make sure you're using the Enterprise offers tab.

    List of offers

  5. Select Next: Review.

  6. Review the customer and offer details. To make changes, select the corresponding Update link. Otherwise, select Submit.

    The Review window

  7. In the confirmation window, note the Admin user account and Password information. The information won't be viewable after you leave this page, so copy and store it to send to the customer.

    The Confirmation window


    By default, the customer administrator does not have access to this Azure subscription and cannot manage it by using the Azure portal. The CSP model was designed for a variety of scenarios, and in some of them (for example, Managed Cloud Services) the customer doesn't need to access the Azure portal. The CSP partner manages the customer's resources instead. If you want to grant the customer access to the Azure CSP subscription, an additional step is required.

  8. Select Done.

  9. On the Partner Center dashboard, select Customers, select the customer that you created, select Service management, and then select Microsoft Azure Management Portal.

    The Azure classic portal link
    The Azure portal opens.

  10. To add the customer as an owner of the Azure subscription, see Assign permissions to an Azure CSP subscription.

    The Azure portal dashboard


One CSP customer account can have multiple Azure CSP subscriptions. By default, all subscriptions are named Microsoft Azure. To better distinguish them, rename them in Partner Center to something more descriptive (for example, Production environment or HR System).


Use the following command to create a new customer with PowerShell. To learn how to configure the PowerShell environment for Azure CSP, see Azure CSP management options.

$newDefaultAddress = New-PCCustomerDefaultAddress -Country '<country code>' -Region '<region>' -City '<city>' -State '<state>' -AddressLine1 '<address1>' -PostalCode <postal code> -FirstName '<first name>' -LastName '<last name>' -PhoneNumber <phone number>

$newBillingProfile = New-PCCustomerBillingProfile -Email '<email>' -Culture '<ex:>' -Language '<ex: en>' -CompanyName '<company name>' -DefaultAddress $newDefaultAddress

$newCompanyProfile = New-PCCustomerCompanyProfile -Domain '<company name>'

$newCustomer = New-PCCustomer -BillingProfile $newBillingProfile -CompanyProfile $newCompanyProfile


To add a customer, complete the following steps:

  1. Instantiate a new Customer object.
  2. Fill in the BillingProfile and CompanyProfile information.
  3. Add the object to your IAggregatePartners.Customers collection by calling Create() or CreateAsync().
// IAggregatePartner partnerOperations;
var partnerOperations = this.Context.UserPartnerOperations;

var customerToCreate = new Customer()
    CompanyProfile = new CustomerCompanyProfile()
        Domain = string.Format(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, 
            new Random().Next(), 
    BillingProfile = new CustomerBillingProfile()
        Culture = "en-us",
        Email = "",
        Language = "en",
        CompanyName = "Fourth Coffee" + new Random().Next(),
        DefaultAddress = new Address()
            FirstName = "Marshall",
            LastName = "Levi",
            AddressLine1 = "One Microsoft Way",
            City = "Redmond",
            State = "WA",

Country = "US",
            PostalCode = "98052",
            PhoneNumber = "1234567890"

var newCustomer = partnerOperations.Customers.Create(customerToCreate);


The following information is a guide to formatting a request to add a customer by using the REST API.


Request syntax

Method Request URI
POST {baseURI}/v1/customers HTTP/1.1

Request headers

  • This API won't produce different results if it's called multiple times.
  • Request ID and correlation ID are required.

Request body

The request body has the following required properties:

Name Type Description
BillingProfile object The customer's billing profile information.
CompanyProfile object The customer's company profile information.

Billing profile

The CustomerBillingProfile resources needed to create a new customer have the following minimum required fields:

Name Type Description
email string The customer's email address.
culture string The customer's preferred culture for communication and currency, such as "en-US."
language string The default language. Two-character language codes (en, fr, and so on) are supported.
company_name string The registered company or organization name.
default_address address The registered address of the customer's company or organization.

Company profile

The CustomerCompanyProfile resource needed to create a new customer has the following minimum required field:

Name Type Description
domain string The customer's domain name, such as

Request example

Authorization: Bearer <token> 
Accept: application/json
MS-RequestId: 94e4e214-6b06-4fb7-96d1-94d559f9b47f
MS-CorrelationId: ab993325-1605-4cf4-bac4-fb584142a31b
X-Locale: en-US
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 789
Expect: 100-continue
Connection: Keep-Alive

    "Id": null,
    "CommerceId": null,
    "CompanyProfile": {
        "TenantId": null,
        "Domain": "",
        "CompanyName": null,
        "Attributes": {
            "ObjectType": "CustomerCompanyProfile"
    "BillingProfile": {
        "Id": null,
        "FirstName": null,
        "LastName": null,
        "Email": "",
        "Culture": "en-us",
        "Language": "en",
        "CompanyName": "Fourth Coffee",
        "DefaultAddress": {
            "Country": "US",
            "Region": null,
            "City": "Redmond",
            "State": "WA",
            "AddressLine1": "One Microsoft Way",
            "AddressLine2": null,
            "PostalCode": "98052",
            "FirstName": "Marshall",
            "LastName": "Levi",
            "PhoneNumber": "1234567890"
        "Attributes": {
            "ObjectType": "CustomerBillingProfile"
    "RelationshipToPartner": "none",
    "AllowDelegatedAccess": null,
    "UserCredentials": null,
    "CustomDomains": null,
    "AssociatedPartnerId": null,
    "Attributes": {
        "ObjectType": "Customer"


If the request is successful, this API returns a customer resource for the new customer. Save the customer ID and Azure AD details for future use, such as account management.

Response example

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Content-Length: 834
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
MS-CorrelationId: ab993325-1605-4cf4-bac4-fb584142a31b
MS-RequestId: 94e4e214-6b06-4fb7-96d1-94d559f9b47f
MS-CV: ObwhuhD2tUKJoM+Z.0
MS-ServerId: 202010223
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 20:06:02 GMT

    "id": "dfd8cc0a-c592-468c-8461-869a38d24738",
    "commerceId": "0a4ce58a-6f96-4273-8035-d9c7d31b9ba4",
    "companyProfile": {
        "tenantId": "dfd8cc0a-c572-468c-8461-869a38d24734",
        "domain": "",
        "attributes": {
            "objectType": "CustomerCompanyProfile"
    "billingProfile": {
        "id": "d17c0275-da92-5c33-9032-782ef1d0b69b",
        "email": "",
        "culture": "en-us",
        "language": "en",
        "companyName": "Fourth Coffee",
        "defaultAddress": {
            "country": "US",
            "city": "Redmond",
            "state": "WA",
            "addressLine1": "One Microsoft Way",
            "postalCode": "98052",
            "firstName": "Marshall",
            "lastName": "Levi",
            "phoneNumber": "1234567890"
        "attributes": {
            "etag": "1234567890",
            "objectType": "CustomerBillingProfile"
    "relationshipToPartner": "none",
    "userCredentials": {
        "userName": "admin",
        "password": "P@ssword12345"
    "attributes": {
        "objectType": "Customer"

Next steps