MSN Explorer: About member accounts

A member account allows a person to sign in as an MSN member using a specific e-mail address and password. The person who initially signs up for an MSN account and pays for the service plan is the primary account manager and has the primary member account.

The primary account manager can add or delete member accounts, or designate other members as secondary account managers. To be granted account manager status, the person must not have parental controls set on the account, and must have signed in to MSN at least once.

Both primary and secondary account managers can:

  • Add or remove member accounts.

  • Set up secondary account managers.

  • Add or remove the ability to manage account information.

  • Set parental controls for children or other members who are not account managers.

Primary account managers can:

  • View or change billing information.

  • Subscribe to other MSN services.


If the primary account manager's account is removed, all of the associated member accounts are also removed. All of the accounts can be restored by having the primary account manager complete the sign-up process again.

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