IExtendPropertySheet2 Interface


Enables a snap-in component to add property pages to the property sheet of an item.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public interface class IExtendPropertySheet2
public interface IExtendPropertySheet2
type IExtendPropertySheet2 = interface
Public Interface IExtendPropertySheet2


For more information about programming with the IExtendPropertySheet2 interface and the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), see the MMC Programmer's Guide.


CreatePropertyPages(IPropertySheetCallback, IntPtr, IDataObject)

Adds pages to a property sheet.

GetWatermarks(IDataObject, IntPtr, IntPtr, IntPtr, Int32)

Retrieves the watermark and header bitmaps for wizard sheets that are implemented as Wizard 97-style wizards.


Determines whether the object requires pages.

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