ConfigurableForwardingLogger ConfigurableForwardingLogger ConfigurableForwardingLogger ConfigurableForwardingLogger Class


Represents the ConfigurableForwardingLogger, a pre-fabricated forwarding logger to be used when building projects on a multi-proc or multi-core system. For more information, see Writing Multi-Processor-Aware Loggers.

public ref class ConfigurableForwardingLogger : Microsoft::Build::Framework::IForwardingLogger
public class ConfigurableForwardingLogger : Microsoft.Build.Framework.IForwardingLogger
type ConfigurableForwardingLogger = class
    interface IForwardingLogger
    interface INodeLogger
    interface ILogger
Public Class ConfigurableForwardingLogger
Implements IForwardingLogger


You can use the provided ConfigurableForwardingLogger, or you can create your own custom forwarding loggers.


ConfigurableForwardingLogger() ConfigurableForwardingLogger() ConfigurableForwardingLogger() ConfigurableForwardingLogger()

Initializes a new instance of the ConfigurableForwardingLogger class.


BuildEventRedirector BuildEventRedirector BuildEventRedirector BuildEventRedirector

Gets or sets whether the build engine allows node loggers to forward messages to the central logger.

NodeId NodeId NodeId NodeId

Gets or sets the unique identifier (Node ID) to which the logger is attached.

Parameters Parameters Parameters Parameters

Gets or sets the parameters for the ConfigurableForwardingLogger.

Verbosity Verbosity Verbosity Verbosity

Gets or sets the level of detail to show in the event log.


Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

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ForwardToCentralLogger(BuildEventArgs) ForwardToCentralLogger(BuildEventArgs) ForwardToCentralLogger(BuildEventArgs) ForwardToCentralLogger(BuildEventArgs)

Forwards the specified event to the central logger.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Serves as the default hash function.

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GetType() GetType() GetType() GetType()

Gets the Type of the current instance.

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Initialize(IEventSource) Initialize(IEventSource) Initialize(IEventSource) Initialize(IEventSource)

Enlists the console logger for all build events.

Initialize(IEventSource, Int32) Initialize(IEventSource, Int32) Initialize(IEventSource, Int32) Initialize(IEventSource, Int32)

Enlists the console logger for all build events.

MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone()

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Shutdown() Shutdown() Shutdown() Shutdown()

Closes the configurable forwarding logger.

ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a string that represents the current object.

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