HelpKeywordType HelpKeywordType HelpKeywordType HelpKeywordType Enum


Defines identifiers that indicate the type of a Help keyword.

public enum class HelpKeywordType
public enum HelpKeywordType
type HelpKeywordType = 
Public Enum HelpKeywordType


F1Keyword F1Keyword F1Keyword F1Keyword 0

A keyword that F1 was pressed to request help about.

FilterKeyword FilterKeyword FilterKeyword FilterKeyword 2

A filter keyword.

GeneralKeyword GeneralKeyword GeneralKeyword GeneralKeyword 1

A general keyword.


HelpKeywordType defines identifiers that indicate the type of a Help keyword to the Help system. Any or all of the keyword type identifiers can be specified for a single keyword. The type of a Help keyword is sometimes used when the Help system is determining the Help topics to display for a Help request.

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