DataSet.ExtendedProperties Property


Gets the collection of customized user information associated with the DataSet.

 property System::Data::PropertyCollection ^ ExtendedProperties { System::Data::PropertyCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Data.PropertyCollection ExtendedProperties { get; }
member this.ExtendedProperties : System.Data.PropertyCollection
Public ReadOnly Property ExtendedProperties As PropertyCollection

Property Value

A PropertyCollection with all custom user information.



The following example adds a custom property to the PropertyCollection returned by the ExtendedProperties property. The second example retrieves the custom property.

   private void SetProperty(DataColumn column)
       column.ExtendedProperties.Add("TimeStamp", DateTime.Now);

   private void GetProperty(DataColumn column)
 Private Sub SetProperty(column As DataColumn)
     column.ExtendedProperties.Add("TimeStamp", DateTime.Now)
 End Sub    
 Private Sub GetProperty(column As DataColumn)
End Sub


The ExtendedProperties property enables you to store custom information with the DataSet. For example, you might store a time when the data should be refreshed.

Extended properties must be of type String if you want them persisted when the DataSet is written as XML.

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