DateTimeOffset.Equality(DateTimeOffset, DateTimeOffset) Operator


Determines whether two specified DateTimeOffset objects represent the same point in time.

 static bool operator ==(DateTimeOffset left, DateTimeOffset right);
public static bool operator == (DateTimeOffset left, DateTimeOffset right);
static member ( = ) : DateTimeOffset * DateTimeOffset -> bool
Public Shared Operator == (left As DateTimeOffset, right As DateTimeOffset) As Boolean



The first object to compare.


The second object to compare.



true if both DateTimeOffset objects have the same UtcDateTime value; otherwise, false.


The Equality method defines the operation of the equality operator for DateTimeOffset objects. It enables code such as the following:

DateTimeOffset date1 = new DateTimeOffset(2007, 6, 3, 14, 45, 0,
             new TimeSpan(-7, 0, 0));
DateTimeOffset date2 = new DateTimeOffset(2007, 6, 3, 15, 45, 0,
             new TimeSpan(-6, 0, 0));
DateTimeOffset date3 = new DateTimeOffset(date1.DateTime,
             new TimeSpan(-6, 0, 0));
Console.WriteLine(date1 == date2);        // Displays True
Console.WriteLine(date1 == date3);        // Displays False
Dim date1 As New DateTimeOffset(#6/3/2007 2:45PM#, _
             New TimeSpan(-7, 0, 0))
Dim date2 As New DateTimeOffset(#6/3/2007 3:45PM#, _
             New TimeSpan(-6, 0, 0))
Dim date3 As New DateTimeOffset(date1.DateTime, _
             New TimeSpan(-6, 0, 0))
Console.WriteLine(date1 = date2)        ' Displays True
Console.WriteLine(date1 = date3)        ' Displays False

Before evaluating the left and right operands for equality, the operator converts both values to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The operation is equivalent to the following:

return first.UtcDateTime == second.UtcDateTime;
Return first.UtcDateTime = second.UtcDateTime

In other words, the Equality method determines whether the two DateTimeOffset objects represent a single point in time. It directly compares neither dates and times nor offsets. To determine whether two DateTimeOffset objects represent the same time and have the same offset value, use the EqualsExact method.

The equivalent method for this operator is DateTimeOffset.Equals(DateTimeOffset, DateTimeOffset)

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