DirectorySearcher.DerefAlias Property


Gets or sets a value indicating how the aliases of objects that are found during a search should be resolved.

 property System::DirectoryServices::DereferenceAlias DerefAlias { System::DirectoryServices::DereferenceAlias get(); void set(System::DirectoryServices::DereferenceAlias value); };
public System.DirectoryServices.DereferenceAlias DerefAlias { get; set; }
member this.DerefAlias : System.DirectoryServices.DereferenceAlias with get, set
Public Property DerefAlias As DereferenceAlias

Property Value

A DereferenceAlias value that specifies the behavior in which aliases are dereferenced. The default setting for this property is Never.



The following C# example shows how to set the DerefAlias property to Always , so that it dereferences aliases when both searching subordinates and locating base objects.

using System.DirectoryServices;  
// Bind to the users container.  
DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://CN=users,DC=fabrikam,DC=com");  
// Create a DirectorySearcher object.  
DirectorySearcher mySearcher = new DirectorySearcher(entry);  
// Set DerefAlias to Always.  
src.DerefAlias = DereferenceAlias.Always;  
//Use the FindAll method to get search results.  
SearchResultCollection res = src.FindAll();  

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