ImageCodecFlags ImageCodecFlags ImageCodecFlags ImageCodecFlags Enum


Provides attributes of an image encoder/decoder (codec).

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ImageCodecFlags
public enum ImageCodecFlags
type ImageCodecFlags = 
Public Enum ImageCodecFlags


BlockingDecode BlockingDecode BlockingDecode BlockingDecode 32

The decoder has blocking behavior during the decoding process.

Builtin Builtin Builtin Builtin 65536

The codec is built into GDI+.

Decoder Decoder Decoder Decoder 2

The codec supports decoding (reading).

Encoder Encoder Encoder Encoder 1

The codec supports encoding (saving).

SeekableEncode SeekableEncode SeekableEncode SeekableEncode 16

The encoder requires a seekable output stream.

SupportBitmap SupportBitmap SupportBitmap SupportBitmap 4

The codec supports raster images (bitmaps).

SupportVector SupportVector SupportVector SupportVector 8

The codec supports vector images (metafiles).

System System System System 131072

Not used.

User User User User 262144

Not used.


The ImageCodecFlags class is used by the Flags property of the ImageCodecInfo class.

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