PackageRelationship.RelationshipType Property


Gets the qualified type name of the relationship.

 property System::String ^ RelationshipType { System::String ^ get(); };
public string RelationshipType { get; }
member this.RelationshipType : string
Public ReadOnly Property RelationshipType As String

Property Value


The qualified type name of the relationship.


The RelationshipType is specified in the call to the Package.CreateRelationship or PackagePart.CreateRelationship method that created the relationship. After the relationship is created, the RelationshipType cannot be changed.

RelationshipType is defined in a URI-like syntax and identifies the role of the relationship. For example, "" identifies the relationship to a target part that is a "required-resource."

Package-Wide Relationship Types

Description Relationship Type
Core Properties
Digital Signature
Digital Signature Certificate
Digital Signature Origin

For more information about package relationship types see Chapter 3 and Appendix I of the Open Packaging Conventions specification available for download at

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