TaskAwaiter<TResult> TaskAwaiter<TResult> TaskAwaiter<TResult> TaskAwaiter<TResult> Struct


Represents an object that waits for the completion of an asynchronous task and provides a parameter for the result.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

generic <typename TResult>
public value class TaskAwaiter : System::Runtime::CompilerServices::ICriticalNotifyCompletion
public struct TaskAwaiter<TResult> : System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ICriticalNotifyCompletion
type TaskAwaiter<'Result> = struct
    interface ICriticalNotifyCompletion
    interface INotifyCompletion
Public Structure TaskAwaiter(Of TResult)
Implements ICriticalNotifyCompletion

Type Parameters


The result for the task.



This type and its members are intended for use by the compiler.


IsCompleted IsCompleted IsCompleted IsCompleted

Gets a value that indicates whether the asynchronous task has completed.


GetResult() GetResult() GetResult() GetResult()

Ends the wait for the completion of the asynchronous task.

OnCompleted(Action) OnCompleted(Action) OnCompleted(Action) OnCompleted(Action)

Sets the action to perform when the TaskAwaiter<TResult> object stops waiting for the asynchronous task to complete.

UnsafeOnCompleted(Action) UnsafeOnCompleted(Action) UnsafeOnCompleted(Action) UnsafeOnCompleted(Action)

Schedules the continuation action for the asynchronous task associated with this awaiter.

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