WindowClosedEventArgs WindowClosedEventArgs WindowClosedEventArgs WindowClosedEventArgs Class


Contains information about the event that is raised when a window is closed.

public ref class WindowClosedEventArgs sealed : System::Windows::Automation::AutomationEventArgs
public sealed class WindowClosedEventArgs : System.Windows.Automation.AutomationEventArgs
type WindowClosedEventArgs = class
    inherit AutomationEventArgs
Public NotInheritable Class WindowClosedEventArgs
Inherits AutomationEventArgs


For example code, see GetRuntimeId.


To subscribe to window-closed events, call AddAutomationEventHandler, specifying WindowClosedEvent in the eventId parameter and supplying an UI Automation event handler that takes a WindowClosedEventArgs parameter.

When your application receives a window-closed event, the sender parameter of the event handler cannot be used to obtain information about the window that has closed, because the corresponding UI Automation element is no longer valid.


WindowClosedEventArgs(Int32[]) WindowClosedEventArgs(Int32[]) WindowClosedEventArgs(Int32[]) WindowClosedEventArgs(Int32[])

Initializes a new instance of the WindowClosedEventArgs class.


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GetRuntimeId() GetRuntimeId() GetRuntimeId() GetRuntimeId()

Retrieves the UI Automation runtime identifier (ID) associated with this event.

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EventId EventId EventId EventId

Gets the event identifier.

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