This article discusses an exploratory sample we’ve created in the Mixed Reality Design Labs, a place where we share our learnings about and suggestions for mixed reality app development. Our design-related articles and code will evolve as we make new discoveries.

Surfaces is an open-source sample app from Microsoft's Mixed Reality Design Labs. It explores how we can create a tactile sensation with visual, audio, and fully articulated hand-tracking.


About the app

Surfaces demonstrates how to use Mixed Reality Toolkit(MRTK)'s input system and building blocks to create an app experience for HoloLens 2. In this project, you can find the examples of:

You can use this project's components to create your own mixed reality app experiences.

MR Dev Days 2020 - Learnings from the MR Surfaces App

Learnings from the MR Surfaces App

Lars Simkins, Senior designer behind the MRDL Surfaces app talks about the app's design story and technical highlights.

Project repository on GitHub

Download app from Microsoft Store in HoloLens 2

(The app is only available on HoloLens 2)

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