Exchange 2013 post-Installation tasks

Applies to: Exchange Server 2013

After you've completed the installation of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, read the following topics to help you configure your new Exchange 2013 organization.

Topic Description

Enter your Exchange 2013 product key

Read this topic to license a Microsoft Exchange server.

Configure mail flow and client access

Read this topic to configure mail flow to and from the Internet and configure Microsoft Exchange to accept client connections from the Internet.

Configure Internet mail flow through a subscribed Edge Transport server

Read this topic if you're installing an Edge Transport server and you want to configure an EdgeSync Subscription between that server and a Hub Transport server.

Verify an Exchange 2013 installation

Read this topic to verify that Exchange 2013 was installed successfully in your organization.

Install the Exchange 2013 management tools

Read this topic to install the Exchange Management Shell and Exchange Toolbox on client workstations or other non-Exchange servers in your organization.

If you want to configure additional features, such as permissions, compliance, high availability, and more, see Exchange Server 2013.