Enhance my service

This article gives an overview of the requirements for getting the most out of cloud voice services for your organization. By continuously monitoring cloud voice service capabilities, you can be sure you’re delivering the most value for your organization.

Enhance my service overview

After you’ve successfully deployed Audio Conferencing or Phone System with Calling Plans services to your organization, and are operating the service with quality and reliability, the next step is to regularly evaluate whether you have any opportunities to enhance your services. This is a part of continuous service improvement planning that is a modern standard for cloud service management.

A great way to make sure you’re always getting the most out of your services is to monitor the Teams public roadmaps for new feature enhancements that might be of interest to your organization. If you have access to the Office 365 Admin portal you will receive regular updates from us about new and changing features through our Message Center.

Additionally, because organizations grow and change, you should take time to revisit and update your business use cases at regular intervals to make sure the service is configured to meet your organization’s current needs. Ensure you are getting real world feedback from your users and internal champions by establishing feedback channels in your organization. These can be informal conversations, regular meetings or through a Teams channel or Yammer community.

When you do see opportunities to enhance your service, take the time to do it right. Revisit Deploy chat, teams, channels, and apps in Microsoft Teams and apply the same guidance end to end. When making small, incremental changes, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to complete all activities and tasks in full, but you should be sure to evaluate each activity and task along the way to give yourself the best chance at a successful outcome.

An icon depicting decision points
Decision points
  • Decide who will monitor public roadmaps and other service announcements for new features or services that your organization might benefit from.
  • Decide on the cadence in which to report those new features or services back to the key stakeholders, via your steering committee.
An icon depicting the next steps
Next steps
  • Implement a strategy for staying up to date with your services to get the most value for your organization.
  • Drive service enhancements through a full project lifecycle to make sure you’ve properly accounted for the impact they have on your deployment.