Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams upgrade

Supporting Microsoft’s intelligent communications vision, Microsoft Teams is the central hub for teamwork, bringing together chat, meetings, calling, collaboration, app integration, and file storage. As an existing Skype for Business customer, you’re invited to upgrade to Microsoft Teams, to experience this full suite of communication and collaboration capabilities in a single client experience.

Your upgrade journey might take some time, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re just getting started with Teams, already using Teams alongside Skype for Business, or ready to upgrade, we’re working hard to bring you the right level of guidance for your organization and encourage you to take the next steps to begin realizing the value Teams can offer your organization.

View this overview for an introduction to the Skype for Business to Teams upgrade journey, including core concepts, framework, and upgrade paths.


Watch the following session to learn about the Upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams:

Upgrade journey framework

To help take the guesswork out of your upgrade journey, we’ve employed a proven success framework for driving change, incorporating guidance, tips, and resources throughout. Each step builds on the previous one and for optimal results, we recommend following the steps in order.

As illustrated below, a successful upgrade begins by bringing the right team together in the Project Stakeholder stage and then moving to Project Definition where the scope, goals, and timeline are solidified. This helps create a solid foundation for your upgrade journey. From there, it’s critical to prepare for both the Technical Readiness and User Readiness stages before moving on to Deployment and Implementation. Plan for a pilot to validate readiness before a broad rollout. For maximum benefit during the Operational Excellence stage, establish a plan that monitors for quality and accelerates user adoption.


To help you navigate through your upgrade journey, look for this graphic on related pages to identify where you are in the process. Ensure your project is set up for success with the right project team. Define your project scope, goals, and timeline. Confirm both technical and user readiness. Execute your rollout plan. Maintain momentum to maximize results.

To get started...

We understand that customers don’t come one-size-fits-all. For added flexibility, we’ve organized the framework into two paths: Upgrade Basic and Upgrade Pro. Choose the journey that best meets your organization’s needs.

Select one of the options below or explore both to determine the optimal path for you. More information will be coming online over time, so check back as your organization continues its journey to Teams. To help us better understand your upgrade path and what additional guidance might be helpful, take a moment to share your feedback.

Designed for smaller organizations or those with simple deployments of Skype for Business (IM only or IM plus basic meeting functionality), the Upgrade Basic checklist steps you through activities designed to quickly move your entire organization to Teams. Designed for enterprise customers, or those with more tailored deployments such as hybrid or voice, the Upgrade Pro guide details technical and user readiness activities to better accommodate the unique attributes of an organization.


Having the option to upgrade doesn’t necessarily mean your organization is ready for this change. For the best user experience, confirm that Teams meets your collaboration and communication requirements, make sure that your network is ready to support Teams, and implement your user readiness plan before upgrading users to Teams.