Use the Microsoft Teams Rooms recovery tool

This article discusses how to use the recovery tool for Microsoft Teams Rooms, which you would use to bring an out of date system into a supported state. You would use this tool when the Microsoft Teams Rooms console shows a "system config out of date" error.


Download the latest Microsoft Teams Rooms installation package and extract it to a USB memory stick or network share accessible to the Microsoft Teams Rooms device.

You may also need to install KB4089848.

Verify Windows Version

  1. Login to an admin account by going to Settings> Windows Setting> Admin Sign In from the Microsoft Teams Rooms device. This option brings you to the login screen.
  2. Sign into an admin account, the default admin account being admin with the password sfb.
  3. Click on the start menu and type winver.exe into the search box and click *Run Command on the result.
  4. Make note of the number after 'Version' on the second line of the info pane.


If the Version shown is 1607 or earlier, follow the steps in the Update Windows before recovery steps before proceding to the Perform a recovery steps. If the Version shown is greater than 1607, follow only the steps in Perform a recovery.

Update Windows before recovery (if needed)

  1. While still logged in as an admin user, launch an elevated Powershell prompt.
  2. Run the command Remove-Item -Path 'c:\Recovery\OEM\$oem$\$1\Rigel' -Force -Recurse.
  3. Run Windows Update and install the update for Windows 1709.
  4. After the update to 1709 is complete sign back into admin account and install KB4089848. The update may be done from the link or using Windows Update.
  5. As an optional step, install any additional updates available from Windows Update.

Perform a recovery

  1. Sign in to the admin account on your Microsoft Teams Rooms device, and launch an elevated command prompt.
  2. Verify from the Microsoft Teams Rooms device that you are able to access the RecoveryTool.ps1 file, which is included in the files extracted from the Microsoft Teams Rooms installation package. The kit can be found on the network share or USB drive used when preparing prerequisites.
  3. Run the Powershell.exe command -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -File "<path to RecoveryTool.ps1>".
  4. When prompted by the script select option 1:"Repair System".
  5. Upon completion, reboot the Microsoft Teams Rooms device. It will reboot again automatically and come up fully recovered the second time.

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