Query and set Files On-Demand states

With OneDrive Files On-Demand, files can be in one of three states. Each of these states corresponds to a file attribute state. To query the current state of a file or folder, use the following commands:

  • Windows: attrib
  • Mac: /Applications/OneDrive.App/Contents/MacOS/OneDrive /getpin

Scriptable commands

Use the following commands to set file and folder states.

Files On-Demand state File attribute state Windows command Mac command
Always available
attrib +p <path>
/Applications/OneDrive.App/Contents/MacOS/OneDrive /setpin <path>
Locally available
attrib -p <path>
/Applications/OneDrive.App/Contents/MacOS/OneDrive /clearpin <path>
attrib +u <path>
/Applications/OneDrive.App/Contents/MacOS/OneDrive /unpin <path>


To set the file attribute state for all items within a folder on Mac, add the /r parameter.
Pinning an online-only file makes the sync app download the file contents, and unpinning a downloaded file frees up space on the device by not storing the file contents locally.
To set an online-only file or folder to "locally available," you must first set it to "always available."

If you meet the Windows and OneDrive sync app requirements and still can't see the Files On-Demand option under "Settings", make sure the service "Windows Cloud Files Filter Driver" start type is set to 2 (AUTO_START). Enabling this feature sets the following registry key value to 2. [HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CldFlt]"Start"="dword:00000002"