Set your PIN for transferring numbers to a new service provider

To transfer or port out phone numbers from Skype for Business Online to another telephone service provider or carrier, you will need to manually set a PIN. After you set the PIN, you need to include it when you request to port a phone number out.


A port out PIN is only used for organizations in the United States.

See Transfer phone numbers to Office 365 for more information about transferring and porting in/out phone numbers.

Here is some specific information about this PIN you should know:

  • If a PIN isn't set, you won't be able to transfer or port out phone numbers from Skype for Business Online.

  • It can contain 6-10 digits (numbers).

  • It can't contain letters or special characters.

  • The default PIN is blank, but if you put one in, you can't remove or set it back to blank.

  • You can update or change the PIN after you put one in.

Set up your PIN

sfb-logo-30x30.png Using the Skype for Business admin center

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account.

  2. Go to the Microsoft Teams admin center > Legacy portal.

  3. In the left navigation, choose Voice > Port orders.

  4. Click Set up and manage the PIN that is used for transferring or porting numbers to another service carrier.

  5. In the Set or change your port out PIN panel, enter your PIN and click Save.


If you need to get more telephone numbers than this, please contact support for business products - Admin Help

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