Adaptive cards are only useful if they benefit to a broad set of developers. We will develop adaptive cards in cooperation with communities and companies which share the vision of a common ecosystem for the exchange of UI cards.



Bots are aligned with the goals of target community, and so we will be working with the Botness community to develop ideas further.



  • Windows - Windows will be using adaptive cards for Live Tiles, Notifications, Notification Hubs and other future surfaces where it makes sense to open up a place for third-party developers to show content to a user.

  • Bot Framework - The bot framework supports Adaptive cards across most channels.

    • Emulator, DirectLine, WebChat - full native functionality
    • Facebook, SMS, GroupMe, Email, Telegram, Slack, Kik - Renders as image
  • Skype - Coming soon

  • Teams - Coming soon


The Kik messaging company is the first of hopefully many partners to start collaborating around adaptive cards.