Use sample data to do entity extraction

You can get started with the entity extraction model using sample data. The sample data provided refers to feedback or conversations related to travel. The intent is to use the entity extraction AI model to extract and identify entities related to places, persons, organizations, date, time, and a custom entity type: Location Type.

Get the sample data

  1. Download

Screenshot of download screen.

  1. Look for that contains the sample table, Travel Feedback.

    Sample data for this table can be found in the Lab Data\EntityClassification\aib_travelfeedback.csv.

  2. Sign in to Power Apps and choose the environment where you've imported the solution from step 1.

  3. Select Solutions > AIBuilderLabs > Tables > Travel Feedback.

    Screenshot of AI Builder Lab Solution screen showing Travel Feedback table.

  4. Select Data > Get data > Get data from Excel from the ribbon.

    Screenshot of Travel Feedback screen with import option to get data from Excel.

    You'll see the Import data screen:

    Screenshot of the Import data screen.

  5. Select aib_travelfeedback.csv, which has the data to be imported in this table.

    Screenshot of the Import data screen with aib_travelfeedback.csv selected.

Map the data

  1. Review the column mappings by selecting Map columns.

  2. Map the Name and Comments columns in the Source values column, and select Save changes.

    Screenshot of column mappings to Travel Feedback table.

    You'll return to the Import data screen with status updated to reflect that the mappings are complete.

    Screenshot of the Import data screen showing that mapping was successful.

Import the data

  1. Select Import on the top right for the import process to begin.

    It might take a few minutes for the import process to complete, depending on the rows included in the file provided.

  2. Select the Data tab for the Travel Feedback table in the solution to view all the records imported.

    Screenshot of the imported records in the Data tab.

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