Text recognition model

Prebuilt text recognition models extract words from documents and images into machine-readable character streams. It uses state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) to detect printed and handwritten text in images.

This prebuilt processes images and document files to extract lines of printed or handwritten text.

Use in Power Apps

The text recognition prebuilt model is available in Power Apps by using the text recognizer component. For more information, see Text recognizer component in Power Apps.

Use in Power Automate

For information about how to use text recognition prebuilt model in Power Automate, see Use text recognition model in Power Automate.

Supported language, format, and size

The documents you can scan with the text recognition model need these characteristics:

  • Language: English
  • Format:
    • JPG -.png
    • BMP
    • PDF
    • TIFF
  • Size: 20 MB maximum

Model output

If a document is detected, the text recognition model will output the following information:

  • Results: A list of lines extracted from the input text.
  • Text: Strings containing the line of text detected.
  • BoundingBox: Four values representing the bounding box, described using the top and left positions along with its width and height.