Create a Data Mining Dimension

Applies to: SQL Server Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Power BI Premium

If your mining structure is based on an OLAP cube, you can create a dimension that contains the content of the mining model. You can then incorporate the dimension back into the source cube.

You can also browse the dimension, use it to explore the model results, or query the dimension using MDX.

To create a data mining dimension

  1. In Data Mining Designer in SQL Server Data Tools, select either the Mining Structure tab or the Mining Models tab.

  2. From the Mining Model menu, select Create a Data Mining Dimension.

    The Create Data Mining Dimension dialog box opens.

  3. In the Model name list of the Create Data Mining Dimension dialog box, select an OLAP mining model.

  4. In the Dimension name box, enter a name for the new data mining dimension.

  5. If you want to create a cube that includes the new data mining dimension, select Create cube. After you select Create cube, you can enter a new name for the cube.

  6. Click OK.

    The data mining dimension is created and is added to the Dimensions folder in Solution Explorer. If you selected Create cube, a new cube is also created and is added to the Cubes folder.

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