Filter an Itemset in an Association Rules Model

Applies to: SQL Server 2019 and earlier Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Power BI Premium


Data mining was deprecated in SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services and now discontinued in SQL Server 2022 Analysis Services. Documentation is not updated for deprecated and discontinued features. To learn more, see Analysis Services backward compatibility.

In Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server Analysis Services, you can filter the itemsets that are displayed in the Itemsets tab of the Microsoft Association Rules Viewer.

To filter an itemset

  1. On the Mining Model Viewer tab of Data Mining Designer in SQL Server Data Tools, click the Itemsets tab of the Association Rules Viewer.

  2. Enter a rule condition in the Filter itemset box. For example, a rule condition might be "Touring-1000 = existing"

  3. Click Enter.

The itemsets are now filtered to display only those itemsets that contain the selected items. The box is not case-sensitive. Filters are stored in memory so that you can select an old filter from the list.

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