View or Change Modeling Flags (Data Mining)

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server Analysis Services noAzure Analysis Services noPower BI Premium

Modeling flags are properties that you set on a mining structure column or mining model columns to control how the algorithm processes the data during analysis.

In Data Mining Designer, you can view and modify the modeling flags associated with a mining structure or mining column by viewing the properties of the structure or model. You can also set modeling flags by using DMX, AMO, or XMLA.

This procedure describes how to change the modeling flags in the designer.

View or change the modeling flag for a structure column or model column

  1. In SQL Server Design Studio, open Solution Explorer, and then double-click the mining structure.

  2. To set the NOT NULL modeling flag, click the Mining Structure tab. To set the REGRESSOR or MODEL_EXISTENCE_ONLY flags, click the Mining Model tab.

  3. Right-click the column you want to view or change, and select Properties.

  4. To add a new modeling flag, click the text box next to the ModelingFlags property, and select the check box or check boxes for the modeling flags you want to use.

    Modeling flags are displayed only if they are appropriate for the column data type.


    After you change a modeling flag, you must reprocess the model.

Get the modeling flags used in the model

  • In SQL Server Management Studio, open a DMX Query window, and type a query like the following:

    WHERE MODEL_NAME = 'Forecasting'  

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