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Microsoft Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Q. What is Microsoft Q&A

A. Microsoft Q&A is a global, community-driven platform for timely, high-quality technical answers. Q&A is replacing MSDN and TechNet forums.

Q. Why Microsoft Q&A?

A. We know how important it is for customers to have access to fast, accurate answers to questions about Microsoft technologies. However, MSDN and TechNet forums are outdated. Microsoft Q&A. provides the set of capabilities that our customers need and want, and it is based on a robust, scalable, and reliable new platform and architecture.

Q. What are the major benefits of Microsoft Q&A versus MSDN and TechNet forums?

A. Microsoft Q&A uses the same user authentication as Microsoft Docs and Learn content for a more consistent experience across the platform. This integrated experience will allow us to better prioritize and answer questions, and give users clearer paths between documentation, learning content, and answers. Microsoft Q&A also offers a much better set of permissions that will equip our moderators with improved tools.

Q: What are the major benefits of Microsoft Q&A versus Stack Overflow?

A. We love Stack Overflow. We will continue supporting our customers who ask questions there. In the future, we will introduce a feature that points askers on Microsoft Q&A to relevant answers from Stack Overflow.

However, Stack Overflow has specific criteria about what questions are appropriate for the community and Microsoft Q&A will have a more open policy regarding this. More importantly, via Microsoft Q&A we can create unique experiences that allow us to provide the highest level of support for our customers. It is hard to get a full picture of the customer who is asking a question on Stack Overflow. But on Microsoft Q&A it will be possible to connect the asker to their actual product usage and support contract. This will enable new opportunities to offer the highest quality support.

Q. Difference between Microsoft Q&A and Microsoft Tech Community

A. The current scope is to move customers from MSDN and TechNet forums to Microsoft Q&A. Other platforms will co-exist, and we will look at ways to consolidate and share content between the different sites. So, if you are collaborating in MSDN Forums for the services we are onboarding, then we are inviting you to do so in Microsoft Q&A. If you are engaging in Tech Community, you should continue doing so.

Q. How do I report a new feature or a bug for Microsoft Q&A?

A. In the Microsoft Q&A header, click Feedback. Please search the existing feedback to see if the same idea is already proposed or the bug is already reported. If so, simply vote for the item. If the feedback is not yet reported, please create a new one. Our team will review it and update the status of the feedback item as it moves forward.
For more information about feedback, see the Site feedback help article.

Q. What happens after I submit feedback for Microsoft Q&A?

A. The Microsoft Q&A team will evaluate all feedback and provide updates on the status of each item. For more information on the feedback evaluation process, see the Site feedback help article.

Q. Should I report product feedback on Microsoft Q&A?

A. No. The feedback section on Microsoft Q&A is only for the site. For product feedback, please continue using the current channels.

Q. Where can I report offensive content?

A. On the offensive post, click the Settings icon. Then click Report. From the drop-down box, select the right reason for the offensive post. Add additional information in the text box below it. Click OK.

A moderator will review this report and act on it.

Q. Is this Q&A site mobile-friendly?

A. The site is accessible and usable on mobile devices.

Q. How do I create an account?

A. If you have an account through Microsoft Docs or Learn, you can use the same account information here. If not, in the top right corner of the Q&A site you will see an option to sign in, which takes you to the process to create a new account.

Q. How do I sign in?

A. In the Microsoft Q&A header, select Sign in. You can use the same user profile that you use on Microsoft Docs or Learn.

Q. Can other users see my email address?

A. No. Take a look at another user’s profile and you’ll notice that an email address is not listed. The same goes for users who look at your user profile.

Asking and answering questions

Q. How do I ask a question?

A. In the Microsoft Q&A header, click on Ask a question. As you type in your question, we will show you similar questions that have already been asked—make sure to investigate these because someone may have already answered your question.

For more information on best practices when asking questions, please see the How to write a quality question help article.

Q. How do I know if a response is correct?

A. If the asker accepts a response as correct, it will be shaded green and marked “Accepted Answer”. If not, look for answers that have votes, this means users have found those answers helpful.

Q. How do I know if a user is knowledgeable?

A. If a user participates in and contributes positively to the community frequently, they will build up reputation points. The more reputation points a user has, the more likely they are to have expertise on the topic they are commenting on.

Also, a user might be a product expert if they get 3 accepted answers within a tag in a 30-day period. See more on Community experts.

We also show Microsoft affiliations in the user’s cards, such as Microsoft Employee and Microsoft MVP, so you know if the answer comes from a Microsoft-trusted source.

Q. How can I sort all the questions?

A. At the top right of the questions pane there are five icons, giving you the option to sort the questions based on when the question was last updated, created, how popular the question is, or how many votes or views the question has

Q. How do I answer a question?

A. Once you find a question you want to answer, you can write a reply at the bottom of the question’s page. If the asker thinks the answer is correct, your response will be highlighted in green and marked as “Accepted Answer”.

For more information on best practices while answering questions, see the Writing a quality answer help article.

Q. Who can answer a question?

A. Anyone that participates in Microsoft Q&A. If you know the answer to a question, support the online community by answering it!

Q. Can I vote my own posts?

A. You can’t vote your own questions, comments, answers, or feedback.

Q. Can I vote on a post more than once?

A. No, you can only vote on a post once.

Q. Why do some questions show that they have no answer, but they actually do?

A. The reason some questions appear unanswered before you click on them is because the answer has not been officially accepted. An answer is officially accepted when it is approved by the person who asked the question or a site administrator.

Q. What are tags?

A. Tags are topics related to your post that help group and organize all the content on Microsoft Q&A. You can add tags to any kind of post by searching from a wide range of topics at the bottom of a post that you are creating.

Q. Do I have to add tags to a new question?

A. Yes, the more tags you add the more information the community receives, making it easier to find similar questions and answer them.

Q. How do I follow a tag?

A. Following a tag allows you to get alerts on the tag related to a particular service. In order to follow a tag, click on Tags on the header, and hover the tag you want to follow. Click on the Follow button.

If you want to receive notifications when a question is posted on the tags you follow, click on your Avatar, and then Settings. Make sure you have an email for notifications. Then, on Q&A email notifications section, select Questions in tags you follow and click on Save.

Q. Can I create a new tag?

A. Users can’t create new tags, however if you have a suggestion for a tag that you think would be helpful to the community please submit it here.

Q. How do I find a question like mine?

A. In the Microsoft Q&A header, click on Ask a question. As you start typing out your question you will see suggestions of related questions both from Microsoft Q&A and MDSN Forums. If you can’t find anything that matches, try exploring the tags that are related to your issue.

Q. How do I find tags that I’m interested in?

A. In the search bar at the top of the screen, start typing out tags you are interested in. Related questions, users, and tags will be suggested for you to explore. You can also sort tags by popularity to see what the community is currently interested in.

User profile

Q. What are reputation points?

A. Reputation points are earned by participating in and contributing positively to the community. For more information on reputation points, see the Reputation Points help article.

Q. How do I earn reputation points?

A. There are many ways to earn reputation points, including answering questions, proposing new bugs or features, voting on answers, and more. To learn about all the ways you can earn (and lose) reputation points, see the Reputation Points help article.

Q. How can I manage my settings?

A. In the Microsoft Q&A header, click on your avatar in the top right, then click on Settings. This will take you to your profile page where you can provide a notification email address as well as your Microsoft Q&A email settings.

Q. How do I update my profile?

A. In the Microsoft Q&A header, click on your avatar in the top right, and then click on Profile. Here you will see options to update the different parts of your profile.

Q. How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to get email notifications on different kinds of posts?

A. In the Microsoft Q&A header, click on your avatar on the top right, and then click on Settings. Under Manage your email preferences you can choose what kinds of posts on Microsoft Q&A you get notified about and how often.

Q. Do the items I favorite go on a list somewhere?

A. Yes. All the items that you favorite are compiled in your bookmarks in your profile. Just click on your avatar in the top right of the Microsoft Q&A header and click on Profile. Click on Bookmarks in your user profile area directly above your bio.

Q. How can I view all the questions and answers I’ve interacted with?

A. Click on your avatar in the top right of the Microsoft Q&A header and then click Profile. Under Activity you will see all your activity history.


Q. What can moderators do?

A. Moderators are a part of the Microsoft Q&A community to maintain high quality content. Moderators can delete reported items, ban users, redirect threads, close threads, and edit content to keep posts relevant and appropriate.

Q. If a moderator’s own message gets flagged, can they cancel that report?

A. They can’t, only another moderator will be able to.

Q. Can moderators mark answers as “Accepted Answers”?

A. No, only the original poster and site administrators have those permissions.

MSDN and TechNet forums

Q. What happens to the ongoing conversations in MSDN and TechNet forums that are closed to all new and existing posts?

A. You will still be able to view the forums, you just won’t be able to ask new questions or create new responses.

Q. Will the content from MSDN and TechNet forums be migrated into Microsoft Q&A?

A. No. When a user searches for something that doesn’t appear when they’re browsing in Microsoft Q&A, we’ll use machine learning to display read-only questions and answers from MSDN and TechNet forums.

Q. Will I lose my MSDN and TechNet reputations?

A. Currently you can’t carry over your MSDN and TechNet reputation. We are working to give you the opportunity to link Microsoft Q&A and MSDN and TechNet forums. When this is an option, your current badges and points from MSDN and TechNet forums will be displayed as part of your Microsoft Q&A profile.

Q. Can I keep the same user profile I have on MSDN and TechNet forums?

A. To use Microsoft Q&A you’ll need to make a new profile (though you can keep your MSDN or TechNet identity). The new user profile you will create for Microsoft Q&A will be linked to Microsoft Docs and Learn—so if you already have an account for those sites, you can use the same one on Microsoft Q&A.

Q. I’m a moderator in MSDN and TechNet forums, will I be a moderator in Microsoft Q&A?

A. All moderators in MSDN and TechNet forums will be given the opportunity to continue being moderators. Stay tuned for more information about this.

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