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HTML and XAML code in your posts

Microsoft Q&A now supports adding HTML and XAML code in your posts and to render it as text only in the following content types:

  • Questions

  • Answers

  • Comments

  • Site Feedback

  • Articles (admins only)

You can cut and paste or otherwise post HTML code in the editor show the HTML tags remaining visible. This allows you to ask questions about HTML, while other users can see the HTML and XAML as plain text and provide responses that also include HTML and XAML as plain text. You can edit your posted questions, comments, answers, ideas, articles and add or modify HTML and XAML code examples and re-save.


When entering the following HTML in the editor:

Editor image with text: This is an example of <b>bold text</b>

The content renders like:

Rendering image with text: This is an example of <b>bold text</b>

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Contains a lot of wonderful information.

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@saldana-msft When the subject includes a URL, it shows the error: "WAF v2 has determined your request exceeded the normal web request and has blocked your request.".

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@jameslee-6787 yes, we are aware of that issue. We will publishing a post in the next few days. Make sure that you always do a preview before posting.

We are also working on autosave/draft feature. That should avoid that people lose the content of their posts when this or another error happens.

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When a comment containing HTML encode is edited and saved, the HTML content is converted to text instead of encoding it.

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@KalyanChanumolu-MSFT we are aware of that problem and working on fixing it. Thanks for letting us know.

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well I think this would have several issue if some kind of wrong html .by user . This would impact whole page if any user puts code with error..

So limiting html is a great idea...

I hope you agree on that...


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