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Why all those BOTS ?

Plenty of fake questions :

"How to fix error code 0x......"

(most of them are parts copied from old questions from

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Can you provide several links to such threads?

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There are many in windows-10-general.html

If I extract some parts of the fake questions, I find the same questions in, from several years ago

For example ,How to fix error code RNN7892 on windows 10?

is built from ERROR CODE RNN 7892 , from 2016

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Well... personally, I do not see any issue here. These are totally separate system managed by different teams and most important is that they have different participates

It is perfectly fine to open the same question in several forums interfaces (not to duplicate post in the same system) in order to get to more people and get a faster answer - as long as the person who open the thread remember to follow it until he close it and during the discussion he sync the information.

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