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Unable to edit my question, please edit my quetsion.


I would like to be able to edit my question and remove the following lines as it has sensitive information which I have posted by mistake.

                     <DataGridTextColumn  Binding="{Binding Server_Name}"  Header="Server_Name"/>
                     <DataGridTextColumn  Binding="{Binding Status_Id}"  Header="Status_Id"/>
                     <DataGridTextColumn  Binding="{Binding AIT_Number}"  Header="AIT_Number"/>
                     <DataGridTextColumn  Binding="{Binding SQL_Long_Instance_Name}"  Header="SQL_Long_Instance_Name"/>
                     <DataGridTextColumn  Binding="{Binding SQL_Long_Port_Name}"  Header="SQL_Long_Port_Name"/>
                     <DataGridTextColumn  Binding="{Binding Region_Name}"  Header="Region_Name"/>
                     <DataGridTextColumn  Binding="{Binding DBA_Version}"  Header="DBA_Version"/>

I cannot seem to edit the question.

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