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Threatening Abusive and Misleading information regarding misuse of SYNC data

I can barely see the directions you are giving me.
They are too fast
I just wanted my sms and mms and I thought that was what I was getting. NOT THIS!
Why are these files on my laptop?
and How?
PLEASE stop threatening me with deleting all my data, apps and sms and mms, This does not help me work faster.
I have been up all night now, this is not what I had in mind to be doing.
How am I supposed to be doing your job for you?
And TRYING to pay for things I don't know have any use to me.
So angry at how this is being handled!

I have no understanding of what is going on. Yet I am being treated like I am a computer genius

No usertag was given
No codes

Financial records were taken
Passwords were taken

I hope my date is still present

At one point I burst into tears due to the aggressive behavior and threat of deleting my apps and data had begun.

were the three emailis used.
They had view of my facebook, emails, banking, wifi, bluetooth, my phone was paired to the device also.

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